Free Download Of Epic News Elements | Premium news / blog addons for Elementor & Epic News Elements | CNBC Theme

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Features of Epic News Elements –

1. With Epic News Elements you can create news, blog or magazine website by using your favourite theme. You can display news/blog section in your homepage or create a totaly new layout for blog page. It works with any WordPress theme.

2. Perfect for a web designer who wants to design their layout using the frontend page builder feature. Upgrade your web design process with ready to use and many customizable elements. Compose layout with more than 70 elements including blog elements, slider, hero, carousel, youtube playlist, news ticker and many more.

3. Each element on Epic News Elements is highly responsive and ready for Retina Display or HiDPI. You are also able to access documentation that comes with the themes or only documentation that provided for you.

4. Each module has a pagination feature that is from normal pagination, next to previous, load more and auto load on the scroll. The module will adapt with the size of the row you want currently put them into. Some of the blocks may fit with almost all block you insert into and look very different each block size.

5. With Epic News Element Pro you are not only able to use it with your post, but you can also use custom post type as a source of your content. Each element comes with pre-defined dark or light scheme colour and can be customized in order to fit your website design.


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