Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress



Features of the plugin Advanced Google Maps for WordPress  

  1. #1 Selling Google Maps WordPress Plugin.
  2. In this WordPress plugin, you can apply multiple filters while choosing a location in Google Maps.
  3. With the help of this plugin, you can show different on different positions on maps.
  4. This plugin provides a lot of templates that act as an info window when used on the website.
  5. In this plugin, you create your own categories and place them in the filters so that other users can use them.
  6. You can show different routes on Google Maps to go on a location.
  7. You can also take input from the user about there starting point and end point of the journey so that we can reach the location as soon as possible.
  8. A feature of drawing is also provided so as to highlight different locations on Google Maps.
  9. You can import and export different google maps location with a few clicks.
  10. You can also show different maps on the same screen.
  11. Also, with a dedicated support team to help you whenever you need help.
  12. Works even in IE(Internet Explorer).

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