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Features of Countdown Timer –

1. Start to finish timer, the urgency that drives action. Create a fear of missing out a special offer among your clients and put them to buy right now. A countdown widget on your website will show the time left to the end of the period and create a feeling of urgency. Just set when it should start and finish and choose the action after the time runs out. You can also add a message that will show above the timer and inspire to act.

2. Remaining time counter per visitor, pushing visitor into a faster decision. Don’t give your potential clients too much time to think, show a personal website timer for each visitor that will put them to buy before the time run out. With Elfsight tool you can embed time for each client that will take down the time is user spends on your website and create a feeling of excitement. You can set it for just several minutes for a couple of hours, it’s up to you think you can enable and disable any time unit.

3. Scarcity for maximum sales, Heat up the atmosphere for your visitors, show them that your items got sold more and more right before their eyes and stock is only getting smaller. Create a feeling of Limited availability of your offer to encourage purchasing, set a number count that will show an increasing number of sales or decreasing number of stock. Just set the start and finish number and the count will go. To speed up the purchase you can add a button next to the timer, it will take a user straight to the product page or any offer you find suitable.

4. Get the most of the holiday time and don’t let people miss your special offers for holiday,  countdown app will help you with this. With Elfsight countdown timer you can create a really eye-catching sale bar that will have holiday theme design. Our widget includes New year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and more beautifully made a theme, put it on the page header, footer for your custom place or make it move along with the scroll, everything to make it impossible to miss.

5. With stunning flexible setting and design, you can create a countdown banner for any event or offer. Scroll bars will help set the right side of the timer and button. Apply predefined styles, change colours of your condom clock, button, message and table, and choose animation type. Endless opportunities will let you have a special countdown widget on your website for any occasion.

6. This is 100% compatible with WordPress, work with any WordPress theme. User-friendly editor. No coding. The easiest way to add a widget to your website in a few clicks. Updates with new features are automatically installed to your website. Great quality code guarantees, fantastic user experience for you and your clients. Get your questions answered and told by friendly professionals.

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