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Features of WordPress Plugin Hide My WP –

1. Hide My WP is the number one security plugin for WordPress. This plugin hides your WordPress from attackers, spammers and other theme detectors. It also hides your wp-login URL, renames admin URL and also detects and blocks XSS, SQL Injection type of security attacks on your WordPress website.

2. This plugin is 1st selling security plugin with more than 10k+ purchase with 4.5+ ratings.

3. Every single day new vulnerabilities are revealed and this plugin protects from undiscovered vulnerabilities using the only instruction detection and prevention system with the customized rule for WordPress.

4. You are using WordPress without changing any folder or file structure and you can revert whenever you want, hide names of themes and plugin, hide wp-login, hide or rename wp-admin and many more facilities.

5. You can replace or remove a  word with link or phrase in all post and pages.

6. Choose a pre-made setting scene and it is done. Customise it on the basis of your set up update the plugin automatically.

7. This plugin works with multisite. Apache and Nginx and Windows Servers (IIS) are in our plan. Premium and child themes and other security plugins.

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