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Features of WordPress plugin LatePoint –

1. LatePoint is simple appointment booking plugin that is focused on customers, making it incredibly simple to schedule an appointment within a couple of minutes. This plugin is experts in User Interface design, with 15+ years of experience, tens of thousands of customers are using this product to improve their business.

2. Latepoint is the most intuitive appointment booking for your website. It shows a full month with each day intuitively rendering appointment availability during the day your customer can see which day to pick depending on their preferred time of the day.

3. If you want to give your agent more control over their schedule, you can allow them to login to their dashboard to manage their working hours, booking connects their Google calendar etc. The customisable work schedule for each agent and service, custom days off, holidays and selected days with the custom schedule.

4. You can send SMS notifications and also allow your customer to create an account using email or add an option of log in using Facebook or Google speed of the process.

5. Let your customer manage their appointment they’re their appointment by simply enter shortcode on any page and customers will be able to login to their account and see past and upcoming appointment. You can also easily create custom fields and make the required at the time of the booking.

6. Set timely reminder to your customer agent before and even after their completed appointments. You can use appointment information inside of the text of the reminder.

7. If you have more than one business location, you can let your customer select the closest, each location will have its own own dashboard with assigned agent and services.

8. Categorise your service offering for easier search and selection. An unlimited subcategory is also supported. You can then pre-select which categories to show on a booking form. It’s all drag and drops and easy to set up.

9. Clicking on appointment box in a calendar opens up a side panel with full information about that appointment where you can reassign it or change its detail.

10. We know each company is different, this is why we added seven different colour schemes to make it easier for you to fit the LatePoint Plugin look in your business. After you have downloaded LatePoint Plugin, install it on your WordPress site and start the Setup Wizard to create agents and services you offer.

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