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Features of WordPress Theme Newsmag –

1. WordPress Theme Newsmag is a modern theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. The theme offers great support and friendly help. Newsmag template is marvellous for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. Also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. Uses the best clean SEO practices, fast, simple, and easy to use. Newsmag supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

2. Newsmag theme is must-have theme because it has outstanding features like innovative trendsetting design, flexible and versatile layouts, free lifetime updates, outstanding first-class support, over thirteen thousand delighted customers and is also best-rated news theme.

3. Mentioned on Envato Famous Five. It is a fantastic testament to this wonderful product to see it used by two by two popular sites dedicated to the rapidly growing audience. Introducing tagDiv composer, The most powerful page builder for WordPress which shows outstanding performance.

4. tagDiv composer is the first-page builder ever designed exclusively for blog, News and magazine websites. Get over 100 handcrafted elements. Create header, menus, content, layouts, right from the front page and see everything happening live, as you do it instantly. Absolutely no coding required. drag, drop and arrange the elements on your website. Reliable and easy to use.

5. Meet the right-click menu, build your website just as you imagine it. The new generation template builder makes it fun. Add elements, customise that design. Right-click on items and enjoy the freedom to shape everything.

6. The most versatile element, the flex block design everything in the blink of an eye. Drag, drop and customise endless combinations with a single element. Easier, faster and beautiful.

7. A single click and everything changes. Newsmag and a dozen prebuilt demo website help you design your whole project in minutes. There are 9 beautiful ways for you to write for you to write, show, broadcast and publish stories. The design was done by paying attention to the small detail to create exactly the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Using a featured image or video, a custom article editor and dozens of options, Newsmag is everything you need to spark your creativity.

8. Newsmag theme gives you the power to modify everything from top to footer. write on the frontend. Newsmag theme love integrates with a friend. You can easily translate your website in any language using WPML, multilingual plugin.

9. Automatically adjust your content to load only the essential content. Easily create an immersive experience for your small screen users with Newsmag theme. Newsmag theme seamlessly integrates the mobile theme with the official AMP plugin for WordPress. AMP support is easy to setup. Increase your page loading speed on mobile.

10. Let your visitors know when you have new content on the website. Integrated with MailChimp, Mailerlite and the Feedburner RSS feed provider. The theme brings you a build-in plugin that helps you display a newsletter subscription field and connect with the visitors.

11. Bring the beautiful weather to your website the weather cannot be controlled but as soon as this is possible, we will add more option to the widget. Dive into the centre of international exchange markets and let your user enjoy an immersive digital experience.

12.  Deliver all the spectacular images from Instagram to your website. Just add your ID and draw in your visitors with practical and easy to use the widget.

13. Display all of your social network activity in more than one beautiful way and be ready to go viral. With 10 charming styles, the widget design allows you to choose the one that fits your website best.

14. Display the most popular categories on your website in a dedicated, carefully designed block. Display the authors sorted by the number of posts or by names and help your visitor discover more article from their favourite author.

15. Maximize your income with an intelligent ad system,  recommended for both AdSense and banner ads. Newsmag is designed to make advertising as easy as a child play with 10 Predefined ads spot placed in the key sections of your articles and pages and 5 custom ads spots. The theme is crafted to help you monetize your content and increase your revenue.

16. tagDiv lightbox help you create an immersive user experience for website visitors. Add impact and emotional value to your articles, using the power of images.

17. Custom made sidebar is more than a simply fixed sidebar, the system automatically moves the column to accommodate any number of widgets and screen sizes.

18. Generate more pages of view with our smart list. The theme detects the article subtitles and images and auto-generate the list for you. Elevate your visitor’s web experience with Newsmag.

19. Impress your audience, newsmag is the new home of all your beautiful videos. Enhance your website with more dynamic visuals and stand out from your competition.

20. Transform category pages with creative interfaces which guide the visitor to the desired content. Dozens of template, delightful grades and styles are waiting for you. Experience the freedom of being creative.

21. Newsmag interface is naturally easy to use. The options are perfectly positioned, allowing you to access them effortlessly. We believe that a great theme should be so easy to use that you no longer need the documentation.

22. Easily create pages that are perfect for Website. Professional tools combined with modern design and amazing speed will give you the power to turn desire into reality. Newsmag is the right choice for you.

23. Your content never looked so good. Highlight your most important article by displaying that in the pages top section. Mix The spectacular layouts and styles of the big grids to impress your visitors.

24. Versatile headers styles, you first recognise a website by the header. It’s time to shape website identify using one of the 10 unique header styles. Each template is crafted to positively define a brand image in the mind of your audience.

25. Newsmag comes already translated in the regions of of of languages and it allows you translate all the strings from the theme straight from WP admin. The translation is now very fast and extremely easy.

26. Newsmag works seamlessly with the most advanced SEO plugin for WordPress and uses the best SEO practices. Use custom metadata for each post and make it easier for Google to update the SERP rank of your page. Newsmag is the SEO friendly theme you were looking for.

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