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Features of WordPress Plugin Support Board – 

  1. Chat And Help Desk WordPress Plugin Support Board is a chat and support solution to communicate with your users.
  2. Tickets system, chat, a dedicated membership system and many more. No coding skill is required in this plugin. 
  3. The complete solution for communication and merge with your audience. This is the first WordPress plugin with a complete bot integration powered by API.AI by Google.
  4. Full slack synchronization. In this, you can send and receive messages directly from the slack.
  5. In real time you can communicate with users directly with the help of slack.
  6. Integration of both leads automatically replies to your customers.
  7. Dialogue flow by Google is the most powerful solution for developing bots and it is fully integrated with support boards.
  8. Two user system is an independent user system by support board and disconnected from the WordPress user system.
  9. You can choose from both on your condition suitable for you.
  10. Sound of chat, follow up, notifications, welcome messages, responsive and genuine support, lifetime updates, online documentation and many more features are available to apply for.


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