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Features of WordPress Theme UberGrid –

1. UberGrid is a powerful responsive grid/gallery builder for WordPress that can build nice looking walls of square items. It is defined manually or be automatically using your WordPress posts including WooCommerce products and custom post types created by third-party plugins or themes.

2. You can use this to present your portfolio, team, products, photos, blog posts, or anything else that can be presented with square cells. So uniquely customisable that will adapt to almost any needs.

3. UberGrid has separate settings for small screens (below 768 pixels wide and below 440pixels wide), plus an option to adjust cell size also. It also has highly customizable cells with 12 cell layouts with 2x width and height support, different title layouts, labels below cells etc.

4. You can build a grid automatically using existing posts including custom types and WooCommerce products. You can also choose a post type, apply filters, and build the grid on every page load or one time and modify it manually. Customise everything like spacing, border, block size, font name, size, images and colours.

5. Retina and other hi-dpi screens are also supported. Also filtering to represent departments, work types, product categories etc. Comes with powerful responsive built-in lightbox with image, google maps, YouTube, Vimeo and text support.


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