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Features of WordPress Plugin Ultimate Reviewer – 

  1. You can turn your theme into a full review site by using this plugin.
  2. You can create your own review templates, also allow users to add a rating or add rating that is in the form of a comment, also add reviews to comparison tables.
  3. You should know more about the features in depth.

Review templates 

  1. By using a drag and drop builder you can create your own unique review template.
  2. Choose alternatively from tons of preset templates and choose from different rating styles including stars, circles, gauges, percentages, bars and many more.

Admin or Editor Reviews 

  1. Create custom admin/editor review templates and manage users roles who can create reviews.
  2. New review fields added to selected post types including review scores, summary, review image, good/bad points, review button.

User Review 

  1. You can create custom Review templates and manage who can leave a review.
  2. Also, prevent users from voting more than once and allow users to submit reviews through the comment form.
  3. Also, allow other users to vote up/down other user reviews and dynamically filter user comments by date and rating.

Comparison of Table

  1. Choose what content is displayed in your tables and the arrangement of table content.
  2. Users can dynamically change the order of tables. Lots of options to fully customize the look of tables. Vertical and horizontal are two table formats.


  1. Add review templates via a widget and User reviews widgets, change the order of reviews, customize the display, pull data from specific posts.

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