YellowPencil Free Download | Visual CSS Style Editor WordPress Plugin

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Features of WordPress Plugin YellowPencil –

1. YellowPencil is a WordPress CSS style editor plugin which allows you to edit the website design in real-time. This works seamlessly with almost any WordPress theme and plugin. You can use it for editing the pages that you created with the page builders.

2. The plugin is compatible with all themes and plugins, customize any part of your site visually.

3. The plugin comes with advanced features like visual resizing, drag and drop, measuring tools as well as tons of assets that background patterns, Google fonts and trendy colour palettes.

4. It has an advanced responsive tool that allows you to customise your site for any device such as mobile, tablet, desktop and more.

5. No coding knowledge required. The plugin is entirely intuitive and functional. Any WordPress user can use it easily.


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